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RandTangle helps expats who have retirement annuities and other savings trapped in South Africa.

We offer a full administrative service that takes care of all the bureaucracy surrounding approvals, tax clearance and exchange controls so your money can go where you go.


We are a team of experts in financial services, taxation, and foreign exchange.

Our mission is to offer a personal service that creates value for our clients, based on the foundational principles of transparency, simplicity, and customer experience.


Why use a RandTangle?

We are an experienced, dedicated team with the sole aim of untangling your finances from South Africa and reuniting it with you in your new home.

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Financial Emigration is an administratively complex process involving many different institutions, both commercial and governmental.

We will take care of all the bureaucracy surrounding approvals, tax clearance and the opening of a blocked account so you can get your money out of South Africa.

The purpose of business should be to make life better for people.


Why RandTangle

There are many firms out there offering assistance with financial emigration - why should you consider RandTangle to help you untangle your finances from South Africa?

  • Dedicated Team

    We are a dedicated team of experts in financial services, taxation, and exchange control.

    Our highest priority: you - our client

  • Industry Relationships

    We have decades of experience in the financial services industry, including banking, taxation, and foreign exchange. We are talking to the bank, exchange control and SARS on a daily basis, and throughout this time valuable relationships were formed that ultimately feed through into a better service to our clients.

  • Electronic Signatures

    We can accept electronic signatures for many of the documents that require signing, including account opening and SARB approval. This results in a much simpler and faster process that does not result in international courier delays and ultimately means that you receive your money faster and with less hassle.

  • Personal Service

    Our highest priority is the client - every client matters and your experience is key to our service.

    Not just another number - you will have us at your side

  • Best In Class

    Many claim to assist with Financial Emigration - few have the know-how, experience, and relationships to do so in a fast, efficient and transparent manner. When it comes to your money, you want the best on your side.

  • No Commissions; No Hidden Fees

    We don't charge commissions and we don't have any hidden fees. What you see is what you pay.

  • The Extra Mile

    We do that little extra. Like many, we could simply submit your Retirement Annuity withdrawal forms and wait for the slow insurers to process your tax directives. But they have no incentive to ensure a speedy, efficient service - that is why we intervene and process the tax directives on behalf of the insurance companies.

    A little extra can go a long way.

The Process - How Does It Work?

This is a snapshot of the process we follow. We leave out a few of the technical steps, but don't worry  - we take care of those

  • Contact Us

    Contact us via email  - -  or using our contact form. We will gladly answer any questions you might have.

  • Questionnaire

    We send you a link to a secure, dynamic form that will capture the basic information we require to send you a quote and prepare the various applications and forms needed during the emigration process

  • Quote

    We send you quote. We offer a personalised service that charges for the work involved - we do not charge a commission based price that is influenced by the size of your RAs.

  • Supporting Documenation

    We prepare and send you a list of the supporting documentation we require for the application, e.g. a copy of your naturalisation certificate, or proof of address.

    This step also includes FICA, which is also known as Know-Your-Client. This is simply a step that ensures that we are not moving another person's money out of South Africa. 

    It also includes letters of consent for our brokers to gather policy information and for our Master Tax Practitioner to obtain tax clearance.

  • Application

    We prepare the applications and send to you for electronic signature.

  • Tax Clearance

    Once we have the application submitted and accepted we start working on obtaining the necessary tax clearance

  • Withdrawal

    After the final emigration approval, we can start unwinding your assets, including the Retirement Annuity withdrawal. We do more than simply submitting withdrawal applications and waiting for large corporations to process payments - we intervene and make sure that the necessary tax directives are obtained as fast as possible

    All proceeds will be collected in your blocked account (a bank account in your name that is used to transfer all your assets to your new home).

  • Final Transfer

    We arrange for the final transfer of the funds to your account.


The process might look simple, but there are a lot of interactions, delays, complexities and conditional triggers and hold-ups.

We are dealing with many bureaucratic organisations and most want your money to stay just where it is. We always get it out, though, but it does take time. 

How much time? It can take as little as 16 weeks, with most completed within 6 months. Some cases do take longer, but they usually involve non-compliant tax situations or complex trust situations.

The financial industry is a service industry. It should serve others before it serves itself.

Christine Lagarde

RandTangle - Meet Our Team

A few of our team members you are likely to have interaction with. We are all here to make the process as safe, secure, transparent and efficient as possible.

About Us

We are a partnership of experts in financial services, taxation, and foreign exchange.

RandTangle is a service offering of Currency Assist, a forex broker founded in 2011. RandTangle handles some of the more complex or administratively intense transfers, including financial emigration, estate payments and transfers requiring SARB approval.

Our mission is to offer a personal service that creates value for our clients. Our service is built on the foundational principles of transparency,  simplicity, and client experience.

Paul Kruger


Paul runs our dealing room. Paul started his career in Marketing Management, but he quickly moved into financial management. He now has more than a decade of experience in the financial industry.



With a career in forex and banking spanning almost three decades, Sonja is a key member of our dealing room.

Didi De Reuck


A core addition to the team, Didi focusses on relationships and brings everything together to ensure an efficient service and happy clients.



Lisa has spent some time on the trading desk at Currency Assist, but more recently her focus has shifted to onboarding, and the improvement and streamlining of processes.



Sumitha is our own tax guru. A qualified accountant and Master Tax Practitioner, with years of experience on both sides of the SARS table, Sumitha steers us clear of the many bureaucratic hurdles.

Ras Theron


Ras brings a wealth of legal, brokering and forex experience to RandTangle. His vision, relationships in the finance world, and business insight further strengthen the quality of service to our clients.

Hugo Van Zyl


Hugo van Zyl is a leading expert in the area of cross-border taxation, financial emigration & related tax matters. Hugo is internationally known as @wegkaner, taking special care of Expats residing outside South Africa, or planning to relocate out of South Africa.

Jacques de Jongh


Jacques joined Currency Assist four years ago after spending two decades with an international charitable trust. Being the executive director & serving on the International board of the trust exposed him to the world of fundraising, finance & negotiation.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

Clare Boothe Luce


Below is a list of a few frequently asked questions. We would gladly answer any other questions you might have.

How do I get my money out of South Africa?

There are various ways you can access your money in South Africa. This includes using normal allowances, such as your annual Discretionary Allowance, or formally emigrating from South Africa.

We can help with all of these.

What is the difference between immigration and formal/financial emigration

Immigration is the process of relocating to another country. 
Emigration (formal/financial) is the financial exit for exchange control purposes.
Physical relocation does not automatically result in financial exit - if you haven't formally emigrated you are viewed as a South African temporarily abroad, and subject to the same tax and exchange control regulations as others living in South Africa.

Do I lose my citizenship when I financially emigrate?

No - you do not have to give up your South African citizenship.

Emigrating from South Africa simply formalises your financial exit from South Africa for exchange control purposes. Your financial status will change from 'resident' to 'non-resident' on completion, but you remain South African.

What allowances will I qualify for when I formally emigrate?

You will have a capital allowance of R10 million per adult or R20 million per family and a travel allowance of up to R1 million per adult and R200,000 per child under the age of 18.
Furthermore, you will have an export allowance entitling you to export household and personal effects, including cars up to a total insured value of R2 million.
It is possible to request the transfer of your remaining liquid assets that exceed the foreign capital allowance limits. We also manage the application for assets exceeding the allowances.

What is a blocked account?

All transfers will flow offshore from this account once your emigration is complete.
The account is not frozen or locked - it is simply an account with the single purpose to transfer money from South Africa.

Why do I need a new South African bank account?

To regulate the foreign exchange market, only a South African bank can certify the emigration application, and life assurers may only transfer retirement annuity proceeds into an emigrant's capital account, from where it can be transferred to your new country.

I have formally emigrated in the past, but no longer have the South African account. How do I proceed?

Usually, only the bank that handled your emigration can re-open a new account for you. This does complicate the process but does not make it impossible - please contact us to see if we can help.

My spouse has never worked and is not registered with SARS

Unfortunately, we would need to register her with SARS for tax clearances purposes.

How are RandTangle's fees calculated?

RandTangle charges a service fee based on the specific circumstances and needs surrounding the emigration of each client, and the services required. 

We do not have a commission based service fee that changes based on the policy size.

Contact us for a no obligation quotation.

Can I transfer the capital of policies and pensions that are already paying regular income?

It is generally not possible to transfer policies and pensions that are already paying regular income.

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